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National Debt Restructure
Are you tired of being broke because you are repaying your debt?
You need National Debt Restructure and counselling
We will help you:
Reduce debt repayment radically
Choose how much you want to pay for all your debts
Pay one monthly installment you are comfortable with.
Consolidate all credit into one monthly installment
Take more of your hard earned cash home. Have enough money to live.
Why Do So Many People Like YOU Trust NDR?
Because we have helped more than 1000 individuals take control of their financial lives. We helped many people reduce monthly debt repayment installments and also prevented them from beingh blacklisted. We could be helping you next.

We will save you money. Take your earnings home
We negotiate your debt repayment terms so that you pay one reduced monthly installment and take most of your hard earned cash home.

Your financial well being is very important to us.
Our NDR counsellors will reduce your financial stresses and relieve all tention posed by your creditors

Protect you from black listing
Before your creditors spread a negative word about you, we negotiate with them so they never blacklist you

Have sufficient funds to live
You work hard, so you should have enough money to live. At NDR, we help you keep your money and pay what you can pay.
Why Debt Review and Counselling? Is it right for me?
Debt review and counselling is a positive step and the right thing to do.
It shows that you want to take responsibility for your debt.
It is a wise decision to make.
You are not alone, many South Africans are under debt review.
Don't ignore it, be pro-active, make the wise decision.
That’s Cool… But How Else Can I BENEFIT ?
There are many benefits of personal debt counselling and review. It helps you take control of your financial life and thus having a better financial freedom. Our debt counselling service is designed for people like you.

Talk to us, we deal with your creditors
At NDR, we give you a one on one support and counselling session, and you never deal with your creditors. We talk to them on your behalf.

We keep you alert of the progress
We keep you updated on how the negotiations are going so that you will have a piece of mind wherever you are.

You can fly your kites and flags
During the debt review process, you will not pay anything to your creditors, you can now do what you want to do with your money. You start paying once the negotiations are finalised

One central point of communication
It becomes easy to track all your debt repayments because you pay one monthly fee and you get correspondence from us. Your debtors will not bother you, we deal with them.

Contact National Debt Restructure Today for your financial freedom

We are so confident that you will absolutely love our expert debt counselling. We ensure that you will feel freedom and relief within 5 days after we start the debt review process with you.
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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers
Questions you may have about debt review and counselling.

Will my insurance policies be affected by Debt Review and Counselling?
Not at all. Provision is made in your debt repayment plan for all your insurance policies. In fact, if you have vehicle finance, you will be compelled to have insurance on the vehicle.

What happens if I get retrenched while under Debt Review?
Unfortunately this would be a big problem with regards to your Debt Review, as you must make your monthly payments in respect of your debt repayment plan. Should this happen and you do not immediately get another income to satisfy your monthly instalment in terms of your debt repayment plan, you must contact us immediately, so that we can look at an alternative solution or you.

How will I know that I need Debt Review?
The mere fact that you are reading this, means that you will most probably benefit from Debt Counselling. The golden rule is not to wait too long before you contact us. The earlier you come to us, the easier it would be to find a solution for you. You can only benefit from contacting us.

How long before I can feel financial relief?
You will immediately experience the relief that Debt Review offers. Within the first 5 days, we will work out a provisional repayment plan for you which you will be able to afford. In terms of the provisional repayment plan, you will make a single payment to a Payment Distribution Agency, who will distribute the money according to your plan. During the first 60 working days, your Credit Providers will not be allowed to implement action against you.

Can I be blacklisted by credit providers whilst I am under debt review?
No, whilst you are under Debt Review, your Credit Providers will not be in a position to “blacklist” you. If the “blacklisting” took place before you applied for Debt Review, it will however reflect on your credit record. This is a further reason why you should rather apply earlier than later for Debt Review.

What are the costs involved with being placed under debt review?
Our fees are regulated by the National Credit Regulator and are very reasonable, as the idea is to get you out of debt. The fees will be explained to you in detail once you contact us. The important thing to remember here is that our fees and disbursements are included in your affordable debt repayment plan.
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